Admittedly, scary to announce a new project is started like that. I’m about three hours late to the coffee shop today and it’s a hot old piece in Texas today and the bike ride has left me dripping and what’s more it’s amateur poetry night at the old café in this very room which is the only one I like in this particular domicile so I have less than 2 ½ hours now to produce something that doesn’t make me feel totally shitty inside. Since I wrote 4500 words yesterday, the bar has been set relatively high, and meanwhile I can’t stop wiping drops of sweat of my forehead and resetting the fingers to keys.

Which means I can’t dawdle here for long. Why did I even come here? Because of yesterday. Because I announced it and now feel obligated to record for posterity that I will in fact be writing two days in a row, which, I’ve heard, is twenty days shy of establishing a routine, wherein you feel weird on any given day if you don’t incorporate this now-established part of your life.

I always sleep better when I am writing regularly, but last night I woke up after two hours and couldn’t fall back asleep for three. Hence, three hours late today. There’s no way I’ll get to 4500 today. Maybe 2000 if I’m lucky.