This would be amazing for my brother-in-law. I know how much I miss being able to look him in the eyes and talk, not at him, but with him. I can only imagine how much he must miss having a conversation. But if this project can deliver on this promise:

Interactivity: As this will be an optical see through augmented reality system, you can look at someone and see the virtual keyboard in that same field of view. So you can write looking in the direction of the person you are communicating with. On the other hand, the micro speaker is incorporated in the glasses. Thus the voice will come from your face. The person will look at you when hearing what you are saying and you will look at the person when you are communicating with that person. This is the closest you have to speaking with someone. The system will be able to use different voice patterns including your own, with the necessary development.

…that would make me so happy. I’d cry for days.