Write everyday, write every day.

But but but tired, but but but busy. No, write everyday. Don’t you see how much there is to cover? How much work left to be done?

The house is a mess, the move not yet complete.

Don’t care, you’re awake and you’ve a computer.

But I cut my finger, right cross the tip. Bandages are cumbersome.

Don’t care.

The cats are out of the basement, being bad/cute.

They will be worse/cuter tomorrow.

Ah-ha! But I’ll have to write tomorrow too!


And I work tomorrow, and the next day, and the five days after that.

Good. It’ll have to be a routine, to do it at all.

I’ll be exhausted.

You’re exhausted now. Somehow the keys are moving, words are becoming.

Nothing of consequence.

You don’t know that yet. Keep going.

But–! Girlfriend upstairs! Also super tired, cleaned old apartment after her own full day of work, needs shoulder massage and cuddles!

Something else you have to balance. Days will be full, sleep will be less, cuddles a rarer pleasure. Make them count when they come. But you can’t neglect the process.

But, brain… hurt! New responsi… some… work word, not that one, what– new things! New work things, must learn. Brain workout a brain number. Brain dumber. What’s the metaphor. Drown before you can swim? Brain drown! Yaghghgh! No swim yet! Blraaargggrrgg!

…Okay. You might be right. Maybe this is enough for today.

Is it? It’s nothing! It’s worse than nothing! I’ve regressed to a preverbal state! My mind is mush! I’m relying heavily on exclamation points and, increasingly, adverbs! The kitten is eating the computer cord and increasingly my ankles! My work clothes all need washed and we as yet own no appliances to do so, the dog is nigh intolerable between the hours of 9:00 and 9:00, and until I complete the fence in the back yard he will continue to be so, the fruit flies outnumber the dirty dishes but it’s a dead heat, everything is still in boxes including the empty boxes, the internet is half the speed it should be because I insulted the guy I called to turn on the modem by not buying his sales pitch and it probably won’t be what I’m paying for until I call back and insult someone else, we don’t have any food and I can’t imagine having time to go buy some in the next week so I’ll be burning money at restaurants which irks me to no end, but more to the point none of this is fiction! This isn’t what I want to be doing! This is at best a tedious log of my process and at worst a… a blog. *shudder * …And now I’m using ASTERISK EMOTIVES! How is this not a complete waste of time?!

Are you still going to post it?

Um… yeah. Probably I will, yes. *smh* (<—- !@#$#@%!!)

Then shut up, you. And come back tomorrow. You might not be any closer to where you want to be, but you’re not in the same place you were. Pet the cats, put the dog to bed, squeeze your girlfriend, and get some sleep, you tenacious ass, you malingering malcontent. You’re fine. Shut up. You’re fine.